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In Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Korean and Cambodian communities, social workers and leaders are pressuring gaming officials and state legislators to recognize a hidden epidemic. Timothy Fong, co-director of the UCLA Gambling Studies Program, will be running a gambling study. Nobody really knows how deeply problem gambling reaches into Asian communities because Asians haven’t been broken up as a group in national or California studies on the matter. But a 1999 poll in San Francisco’s Chinatown, commissioned by a social services agency, found that 70% of 1,808 respondents ranked gambling as their community’s No. 1 problem. In a follow-up poll, 21 percent of respondents considered themselves pathological gamblers and 16% more called themselves problem gamblers speeds than in the population.

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Gambling is becoming America’s mature pastime of selection. And nowhere is betting on a bigger role than in California, with nearly 60 Indian casinos, scores of card rooms, racetracks and Internet gambling sites and among the country’s most profitable state lotteries. Asian gamblers play an integral part in that achievement. Though few statistics on their contribution to the nation’s gambling pot exist, some casinos and card rooms near San Francisco and Los Angeles estimate that Asians account for 80 percent of the clients. Wendy Waldorf. Daily at Monterey Park, San Gabriel and San Francisco’s Chinatown, Asian customers to get free junkets collect to Indian casinos as well as Reno and Las Vegas.Website:

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Nevada casinos maintain company offices in Monterey Park, where hosts keep in touch with high rollers. Casinos conduct direct-mailing attempts and operate advertisements in print and broadcast media, to reach more run-of-the-mill gamers. Many Asians Chinese believe gambling an accepted practice in the home and on social occasions . Chinese youths frequently gamble with grandparents, uncles and aunts. While growing up in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Lee took betting to amounts wagering on if the teacher could assign homework. On rainy days he wager on that shed will reach the base of the classroom window. Chinese are fascinated with the mysterious qualities of chance, fate and luck.