Tips to Reach More People Online with Your Sermons

Tips to Reach More People Online with Your Sermons

A lot of people are putting much time and effort into their sermons and they don’t get the outreach as they deserve. Because technology is improving fast, many people are less socialized and harder to reach. Making your church community stronger online is the goal. YouTube is one of many popular places where you can get exposure. You may have the idea to spread the word but if you are recording your sermons it needs to be well organized.

Even if it is something spiritual, you need to bring it to people with the best quality so they can have the best experience and your community can grow. One of the best ways is to do it through your church website. The Ministry Designs of a website will give your followers a reason to think that you invested effort in providing them with a better experience. If it is among the top 3 websites, more traffic will go through it.

Stay Up To Date

The difference in attending Sunday services is much different than a couple of decades ago. Nowadays, regular church attendees will visit a few times. Maybe people have less time than before because we live in a fast world but still, the majority of them would like to hear the sermon. The reason why you need to stay up to date is that people will likely visit you online if you are updating constantly. If they can only see one video every 3 weeks then they will probably stop visiting the website.

Consistency is crucial when uploading videos of the speeches. You should post it each week and on the same day so it will become some kind of routine for the people watching. Some people like to discuss the sermon so they want to see them all. Because it is a great resource, you should hire someone to do it if you don’t have time. There are probably a lot of volunteers that will do it.

Church Website

The church’s website is still the best platform to share your sermons. The design of the website is essential if you want to get more traffic to it. People that go to church will probably visit the website but still, you want the best for them which mean the best experience and you want them to be satisfied. New designs are coming every few years so try to update your website.

A second thing is that it has to be functional. Many people don’t have the research skills as some do so you need to be in their shoes when trying to find the sermons. You can place it in the main menu so it can be easily reached. Maybe your sermon presentation is better as audio so you need to find the way to fit it on the page. These small things matter when trying to reach more people.

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Optimizing the Website

If you trying to reach people online to follow your speeches that means you need a platform to do it and a way to get more people to follow that platform. Even if there are millions of searches about sermons online, a well-ranked website is the best place to do it. Google is now watching every detail a page has which means you need to optimize everything from pictures to the content on it.

When you are posting a video of a sermon you have to optimize it so it can be in the top 3 spots in the search engines. If your church’s website is on the first page you will probably get more following and outreach. This now includes the user experience because the more time they spend on the page the better it will rank. Some people are investing a lot of money into the web design and optimization to get to that number one place. Read more on this page.

 Tips to Reach More People Online with Your Sermons

Write Blogs

You can have your sermon in a video format but sometimes the video won’t be great or the audio isn’t good enough. Because of this, you should have it in a written form. They will get more exposure if it is a specific topic that will be interesting to a large audience. Some sections from the sermon could be included in the post that will attract people.

It doesn’t have to be exactly like the speech so people that listened can read it. The blog can link to your main website or you can place a link on the main page that leads to the blog. The community will have more options and when you make sections it will be easier to look for a specific one.

Live Stream

Many churches now have their own Facebook pages where you can use the live stream for your sermons. People from your community may be on a trip or sick at home so they can’t attend it but would like to follow it live. It is very easy to use and it is free. Facebook isn’t the only place where you can do it, YouTube or your website can be other options.

If you are doing it on your website, you need to have the right tools to do it. A professional camera and a good connection is a must. Podcasts are also a great tool to reinforce your message. There should be an intro where you share the information about your church and mission and vision.