Salute the martyrs of your country

Salute the martyrs of your country

For the citizen of the country, the day when the land was freed from the slavery of the foreigners matters a lot and hence this day is celebrated with glory and joy. It is the day when the generation next is also made aware of the great heritage of the nation and culture that it needs to take care of in future.

India finally attained freedom and absolved itself from the tyrant clutches on 15th of August of British rule. It came up as an independent state. Independence Day

is an occasion to commemorateall those people who struggled and gave up their lives for freedom. India rose and stood firm against the atrocities of the British and finally overthrew their rule.

Let us give respect to all those great people who sacrificed themselves for the sake of their country. Let you feel proud to be born in India.

It is your good luck and be proud to be a citizen of this splendid nation. In order to make this day more memorable sending out to all warm patriotic wishes.

  • Hundreds and thousands laid their lives so that people of this nation can rejoice this great day. Always remember them intensely. To all, happy freedom day!
  • It is your duty to salute all those martyrs for their inexorable sacrifices that they made so that you can have your present secure.
  • You must understand that independence is not something that can be attained without sacrifices and cannot be bought on plate; it demands theblood of brave hearts. Enjoy the auspicious day!
  • You are needed to stand up and show reverence for those great souls who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India.
  • Rejoice this wonderful day with silent prayers and thanksgiving to all those heroes who gave up their lives and made it possible for you to breathe in afree country. Happy day to you!
  • Fill your mind with the thoughts of freedom and have faith in your words and your souls full of pride. Make salutation to your country on Independence Day!
  • Let us hope that the Indian tricolour remains high and always sways in thefree air. Heartfelt wishes on this magnificent occasion of freedom!
  • Let you sacrifice your heads and souls at the altar of the motherland and tryst with the power of atyrant. Wish you happy Independence Day!
  • On this day of freedom let you take anoath to defend the peace and preserve theunity of your grand country. Warm patriotic wishes on this day!
  • This is the real occasion to prove your independence. Make yourself to be heard aloud and don’t follow in the footsteps of other people. Fly free independently and be yourself.

Salute the martyrs of your country

  • On this day of independence of 15th August, let you take pleasure in the freedom not only in one endowed in the constitution but freedom of courage, mind, and contemplation. Happy Independence Day!
  • It is wished that your heart relegates in thefree strength of spirit and your soul fly high with thereal meaning of independence.