Racism is in Hollywood

Is there racism in Hollywood?

Racism always remains a matter of concern for every community. We all most of the times share a dark phase of the same whether we got agreed or not with it and same happens in Hollywood as well. Recently the announcement related to the selection of Ed Skrein as the main character of Hellboy adaptation got a huge news. The main reason behind it was actually the story of the Hellboy is based on a comic character and the actor Skrein who was supposed to play the character of Major Ben Daimio is an Asian-American character in the comics and not does Skrein. Later he dropped out of the film as he got awareness about the matter.

It was an indirect remark that the white persons got a greater chance of trying their future than an Asian person does regardless of the gender. It is a gesture which actually represents if you are looking your career in Hollywood; the film should get perfectly fit as per your priorities such as women and minorities. Racism in Hollywood is much a wider issue than the casting of this film. You can see Asian Characters in comics than in books and same do to make it into a film. It is a cruel reality where a white person gets a huge priority than that of an Asian person does. The latest example of the same was the film Ghost in the Shell in which the main character of Motoko Kusanagi was played by Scarlet Johansson which became difficult to defend even though she had a great fame as well.

It is not always a public choice, but most of the times a personal choice of the movie makers as well. Most of the times the movie makers are describe their choice as per the demand of the original characters of their movies which they can’t seriously ignore. If you go through various historical movies; one thing will surely strike your mind to believe that the Asian persons actually do not exist in the history until they were described as the slaves of the white ones. Recently the movie Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan was in great news due to the American-British-Dutch collaboration where the director actually failed to feature the actors in the movie as per color. The choice of actors in the movie was not actually defended as per the ignorance of selecting people as per color but can only e did simply by featuring people of color.

Is there racism in Hollywood?

In an interview with the popular U.S. based producer, Robert Simonds in Hollywood Reporter, who have worked with stars like Beyonce and Queen Latifah, we do find that not all Hollywood Studios and producers are racist. Although when scaled on a generic level, certain tresses of racism are sure to be found. Few of the most common movies addressing the issue of racism are, Moonlight, Twelve Years a Slave and Hidden Figures. You may have noticed that most of the times Hollywood movies do not feature Asian people in the lead roles ( unless it’s Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.) With the passage of time, racism is becoming a rising concern in Hollywood. In a changing world with continuous shifts in the mentality of viewers, it is getting significantly difficult to make a successful movie, whilst ignoring the colour of the lead and basing it solely on the actor’s acting credibility.