Who Are The Seven African Powers?

The seven African Powers are just seven of the most famous and renowned deities (orishas) of this Yoruban pantheon. The orishas are common to most faiths of all Yoruban sources, though they’re not necessarily regarded as the exact deities. In Santeria, the sister religion of Voodoo, they’re referred to. In Macumba customs (Candomble, Umbanda)they are known as Orixa. In Vodounthey are known as Lwas (Loas), also in Palo, they’re known as Nkisi. In each one of these customs, the Orishas have lots of facets (Caminos), that are usually quite varied. In this lens, we’ll have a peek at Papa Legba (additionally Ellegua), Yemaya, Oshun, Obatala, Ochosi, Oya, and Ogun. I will identify their saints that are associated.

Inside this book are comprehensive directions for making altars to every one of the Seven African Powers in addition to instructions for petitioning them. Somewhat expensive, however, the color examples make it. He’s among the most frequently worshipped loads and can be known by numerous names. Back in Surinam in Brazil he is known in Trinidad, as Exu, in Cuba he’s called Ellegua, also as Papa Legba he is known in Haiti and New Orleans. Papa Legba is the private messenger of destiny, the trickster, warrior, along with your master linguist. He’s got the ability to eliminate obstacles and opportunities are provided here https://phongthuyyenminh.com/gieo-que-ky-mon.html.

All ceremonies start and finish with Papa Legba, without consulting him and there can be no communication with any of those loads. His present for linguistics lets him interpret humans’ requests into the languages of both loans and their spirits. To find out more please visit my lens Papa Legba, Loa of Gatekeeper and Opportunities to the Spirit World. NA GIRA DO EXU – Invoking the Spirits of QuimbandaQuimbanda, the Cult of Exu and Pomba Gira, is a Shamanic Witchcraft Tradition. Sometimes called Macumba or Known as Satanism and Devil Worship, it integrates Medieval Witchcraft in Addition to elements of religion and African and South-American Indian beliefs. She provides protection to girls.